Remove the smoking shelter behind the Midford building

Closed 10 18
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RobertTidcombe | November 24, 2016

I think it should be removed because every time we are going to the lockers in animal care we have to hold our breaths while walking past the smoking shelter to avoid the smoke to get to the lockers.

    Unfortunately this didn't get the support it needed to be changed at this time. Smoking at Somer Valley will be reviewed regularly in the future in line with the Bath campus.

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    RUSTY BOY 11 Rep. November 24, 2016

    Like who who what what where?

    Aaronsage1999 11 Rep. November 24, 2016

    walk a different way

    Ginger 46 Rep. November 24, 2016

    find a different route

    Alexander 21 Rep. November 24, 2016

    good idea